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3" Sch 40 PVC Kwikrepair Coupler KRC429-030

Price: $22.11
  • Product Code: KRC429-030
  • Model: KRC429-030
KwikRepair makes in-line installation or repair of PVC lines faster, easier, stronger and more cost efficient with just 1 fitting. The KwikRepair sleeves slide onto the pipe, once primer and solvent is applied to the end of the fitting and end of the pipe being repaired, eliminating bending or flexing of the pipe. Do the repair with just 1 fitting. Permanent solvent weld seal with No O-Rings. Effective for limited space and all other applications. No thrust blocking or Staking needed.
Do the job with just one fitting/Save time/Permanent solvent weld seal/Effective for limited space applications.