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Get tough on algae with MICROBE-LIFT/ Professional Mean Green Algae Team two-step program, comprised of our MICROBE-LIFT/PBL Professional Blend bacteria and GreenClean©, an EPA Registered granular algaecide.GreenClean is great for killing the algae. Apply it and watch most filamentous or string algae die before your eyes! Three days after its usage, apply MICROBE-LIFT/PL to make the dead algae completely disappear by degrading it to carbon dioxide and water! In addition, MICROBE-LIFT/PBL will seed your filter; help break down other organic sediments on the bottom of your pond; keep the water crystal clear; and help establish and maintain efficient,GreenClean can cause an increase in salinity or rise in pH, so be sure to test your pond water especially if you have ammonia levels above 0.8mg. L