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Hydrorain BL436-007 (37378) 3/4" BL X 3/4" Mipt Adapter

Price: $1.19
  • Product Code: BL436-007
  • Model: 37378
Working in a sprinkler trench is tough enough-don't make it harder by using traditional pipe fitting methods that require hot, toxic glue, clamps or frustrating barbed fittings. Hydro-Rain offers a better way: Blu-Lock. Everything you do from the valve out, you can now do faster and easier with Blu-Lock. Primer? Glue? Clamps? Tools? With the Blue-Lock system, you don't need them! Simply stated, Blu-Lock by Hydro-Rain is the fastest, greenest, irrigation installation method in the world. Blu-Lock is for non-constant pressure, valve-out, cold water, outdoor direct burial irrigation connections only.
  • Easy push-and-go design
  • Internal stainless steel retaining ring
  • Lateral line built to last