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1 X 100 100# HD GREEN POLY

Price: $44.99

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  • Product Code: PROH10001000100
  • Model: PROH10001000100
At Centennial Plastics, our goal is to provide you with polyethylene pipe you can easily install and simply forget. That’s certainly true with ProTurf Green! Our high manufacturing standards, continuous testing procedures, and high-end service guarantee that ProTurf Green will be the most trouble–free turf irrigation pipe you can install. There’s no mistaking ProTurf Green with its exclusive solid ”turf-green“ exterior. Made with top quality virgin medium or high density polyethylene, ProTurf Green is very easy to handle, resulting in a neat and clean installation. And once installed, Centennial Plastics backs ProTurf Green with a Buyer’s Lifetime Warranty. Centennial Plastics shares your goal of making sure the turf irrigation pipe installed on your property is never the cause of a problem with your system. With ProTurf Green there are no worries, no hassles, no service calls to your contractor – just peace of mind knowing you have the best pipe for your underground sprinkler system!
Only the highest quality virgin resins are used to give ProTurf Green superior strength, flexibility, and durability/ProTurf Green is consistently sized to assure properly fitted installations without fear of future leaks