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Price: $1,663.22
  • Product Code: PK1826PL
  • Model: PF1000
Pond-free kits take all the guesswork out of selecting the perfect components for your project. We provide detailed instructions and everything you'll need for a complete, professional installation, from pump to plumbing, fittings to foam, sealant to cement, with no last-minute trips to the hardware store. Our Pro Kits even come with an LED light set! Includes: PV1800 pump vault, Pro Series FastFalls, TidalWave2 pump, Triton check valve, 2" x 25' flexible PVC pipe, 45 mil EPDM pond liner, heavy-duty underlayment, Eco-Blox, 3 pond lights, auto fill, complete installation kit including glue, cleaner, thread sealant, and (3) 12oz. FallsFoam.
Create a Pond-Free Oasis. Basin Size: 54" x 48" x 18"/Streambed: 26" - 32" W x 10 Long/Pro Series SP2600 - FastFalls - 26" Wide/TidalWave2 Pump - TW4800 - 4800 GPH/45 mil EPDM pond liner - 10 x 20. Heavy-duty Underlayment.