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Price: $2,243.29
  • Product Code: PK191520T
  • Model: PK191520T
The Atlantic Water Gardens Small Pro Series Pond Kits offer a convenient, easy and affordable way to achieve a perfectly matched and balanced system. Includes PS4600 Pro Series Skimmer, BF1900 Pro Series FilterFalls, TW3700 TidalWave2 Series Pump, Triton Check Valve, 2" x 25' Flexible PVC Pipe, 15’ x 20’ 45 mil EPDM pond liner, Heavy-duty Underlayment, AWGLED3 3-Pack of 1.6W LED Pond Lights with Transformer, AF1000 Auto Fill, Complete Installation Kit with Glue, Cleaner, Thread Sealant & (3) 12oz. FallsFoam.
Complete Installation Kit Including Glue, Cleaner, Thread Sealant, and (3)-12oz FallsFoam/Heavy-Duty Underlayment/Biological 19" Waterfall.