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Price: $109.50
  • Product Code: PL800
  • Model: PL800
Anyone new to the proline can't believe all that's packed into this controller, & in most cases, the cost is less than "the other guys". give it a try. The proline was engineered to be as user friendly as possible. Easy to install. Easy to program. Powerful features available under the hood. Sure some only set the time, date, run times, & days to water - but you don't. That's why we added many advanced programming features giving you more power. New landscaping needs a grow-in period. Proline can be set to temporarily do this, then return to it's normally scheduled programming.
4 programs: a, b, c; program d can operate concurrently/8 start times per program/Indoor/outdoor rated/English/Spanish-Zone run times settable from 1 min. To 9 hrs. 55 min