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Water Conserving Products

  • Water Conserving Products


    Controllers & Sensors


    A correctly programmed sprinkler timer will help save water with any system. Controllers prevent over-watering your lawn by controlling the amount of time that each station/zone runs for. Most controllers come with the seasonal adjustment feature, allowing you to change the season without reprogramming your timer. Using a Hybrid timer will not only allow you to adjust your run times accordingly it will also save on your electricity bill. A Hybrid controller will run on either batteries or a 24VAC transformer.

    The best water source for your landscape comes straight from the sky. Rain is packed with natural nutrients that can make your lawn look great. If your sprinkler system turns on during or right after a rain storm it is diluting those nutrients. When equipped with a rain sensor or weather station, controllers calculate how much water your lawn needs and adjusts the watering times, keeping it from running during rain storms or windy days.


    Rotary Sprinkler Nozzles


    Rotary sprinkler nozzles are the newest and truest product in water efficient sprinkler products. The larger wind resistant droplets and low precipitation rate to reduce run-off, meaning less water wasted. With approximately 60% less flow than conventional spray nozzles, Rotary Nozzles allow more heads per zone, reducing overall system cost.

    Wobbler Sprinklers


    The Senninger Wobbler is a line of low pressure irrigation products that reduce the amount of energy required to apply the water to your garden or crop, it applies the water specifically to the needs of your landscape and decreases the amount of water needed. The Wobbler is a great above ground, high performance irrigation product that will help you conserve water and energy.

    Drip Irrigation


    When you change your flower beds, shrubs and garden to a drip system you are applying water only where it is needed. Using localized application means there is less chance of run-off, evaporation, wind carry, and soil erosion. A drip system is generally 20% more efficient than a regular spray head.

    Help protect our natural resources and buy water smart irrigation products. The best part is they might be free! You may be eligible for rebates in your area. Contact your local water department to see if you qualify