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Sprinkler Fittings

About Sprinkler Fittings >>>

Whether you are using PVC or Poly Pipe for your lawn sprinkler system we have the Irrigation Fittings you need to put it all together. Browse our selection of PVC fittings, poly fittings, compression fittings, brass fittings, galvanized fittings and many more in every shape and size.
PVC Fittings Poly Pipe Fittings Swing /Funny Pipe Fittings
PVC Fittings
Fittings to use with PVC Pipe. Find just the right size and configuration.
Poly Pipe Fittings
Fittings to connect to Poly Pipe Tubing
Swing/Funny Pipe Fittings
Unique fittings for Swing Pipe and Funny Pipe
Swing Joint Assemblies Nipples and Risers Manifolds
Swing Joint Assemblies
An easy, problem-preventing solution for installing sprinkler heads.
Nipples and Risers
Threaded pipe lengths used to increase the height of a sprinkler connection.
Choose from Dura, Action, or customized manifolds to complete your sprinkler system
Compression Couplers Blazing Saddles Brass Fittings
Compression Couplers
Easily replace short pieces of broken PVC pipe using these Compression Couplers
Blazing Saddles
The Self tapping Blazing saddle for Poly pipe takes only 10 seconds to install, no tools needed!
Brass Fittings
Quality brass fittings to use with brass piping
Galvanized Fittings Sewer Pipe Fittings Corrugated Fittings
Galvanized Fittings
Quality galvanized pipe fittings are durable and long lasting.
Sewer Pipe Fittings
Gasketed Sewer fittings are commonly used for for non-pressure drainage of sewage and surface water.
Corrugated Fittings
Corrugated pipe Fittings for all of your drainage applications.
Hose Thread Fittings
Hose Fittings
PVC fittings that fit on most garden hoses.


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Installing a rain sensor is a great way to save water. There's nothing more embarrassing, wasteful or costly than a sprinkler system that runs when it doesn't have the rain. Click here to find a rain sensor to help you save water.

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