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Rotary Sprinkler Nozzles

Rotary Sprinkler Nozzles

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Rotary Sprinkler Nozzles are an excellent way to provide your lawn sprinkler system with matched precipitation watering while at the same time increasing its water efficiency. Rotary nozzles are the size of regular spray nozzles and installed in spray head bodies just like any other nozzle. They emit streams of water while rotating, and because they put out larger, wind resistant water droplets than regular spray nozzles, less water is wasted. If you are looking for a way to save water then this is the right nozzle for your system. Need a nozzle to help retrofit an older system? Because this sprinkler provides matched precipitation and runs at low pressures, it is the perfect nozzle to use to get that system up and running again.
MP Rotator
Hunter MP Rotators® are revolutionary sprinkler nozzles that set a new standard for water efficiency in the turf & landscape industry. It is a multi-stream rotor the size of a spray nozzle with matched precipitation, even after arc and radius adjustment.
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RB Rotary
Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles provide unsurpassed design flexibility and highly efficient water distribution from 13 to 24 feet. The newest addition to Rain Bird’s line of water-efficient products, Rotary Nozzles help reduce water waste and make it easier to design systems.
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K-Rain Rotator
K Rain Rotary Nozzles use up to 30% less water than other nozzles. No other rotary nozzle on the market is fully adjustable to offer the flexibility in your sprinkler system design, saving you time and money.
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