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.25 GPM Bubbler 1/2" FPT Nozzle

Price: $6.19
  • Product Code: PCB-25
  • Model: PCB-25
Hunter presents a way to meet your deep watering needs that offers considerably more efficiency than drip irrigation. With the ability to compensate for pressure differences, the Hunter PCB allows the output of water to remain constant regardless of the input pressure, resulting in a precise application never before achieved in bubblers. Designed for deep watering of larger planted areas. Now, every plant, shrub or tree can receive the same amount of water required with no excess runoff or waste. Best of all, because it's so simple to install, you'll have the perfect alternative to drip...no fancy filtration, no unsighlty above-ground tubes, and considerably less chance of damage. For a more attractive, more efficient way to deep water, let the idea of Hunter's bubbler products to sink in.
Hunter PCB-25 bubbler emits 0.25GPM, has a trickle pattern, with 1/2" fpt for an inlet. This is a fixed above-ground water emitter.