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Sprinkler.com knows how to save you time, money, and water. We have the experience to help you, the quality to please you, and the “family touch” to give you superior customer service. Our background shows it all.


Sprinkler.com is committed to quality. We specialize in commercial-grade irrigation parts—the kind your contractor uses—to help you know you are purchasing a quality lawn sprinkler system. That means less maintenance, less hassle, and less worry. Plus, with over 10,000 unique sprinkler and irrigation parts in stock, you know we can deliver the exact part you need.


Sprinkler.com is the online presence of a company with over 600 man-years of combined experience in the irrigation industry. The company itself, Harward Irrigation Systems, Inc, has been saving time, money, and water for people in the Intermountain West since before 1980.

Many years later, the company has deepened and diversified its experience. Harward Irrigation Systems started out selling agricultural systems, but over the years it has expanded. Through our Sprinkler World Stores, we sell residential and commercial lawn sprinkler systems. The Harward Engineering division has designed a variety of systems including home sprinkler systems, city parks, large farms and orchards, and major community and irrigation water company projects. Harward Irrigation Systems has even developed the revolutionary new SuperStand Sprinkler Stand manufactured and sold under the division Yard World.

"Family Touch" - Superior Customer Service -

In the late 1990’s, Harward Irrigation Systems appreciated the potential of the internet and bought Sprinkler.com. We realized that residential customers and contractors would be able to save time and money by buying the parts they need and having them delivered right to their door. Yet even over the internet, Sprinkler.com believes in keeping a personal touch. Harward Irrigation Systems is family owned. We believe in a “family touch” that delivers superior customer service.

Sprinkler.com is proud to have helped many customers with their landscaping investment by delivering quality parts and superior customer service. At Sprinkler.com, you can have your lawn sprinkler system designed by professionals, order the parts you need, and have it delivered right to your door—all without leaving your living room.

Experience, quality, and superior customer service.

We believe it's all a part of saving you time, money, and water. At Sprinkler.com, we're proud to do all three. Look around our site to learn about what you need to do to get your sprinkler system up and running at its peak performance.

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