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I-20 Plastic Gear Driven High Performance Rotor Sprinkler With Reclaimed Water ID

Price: $31.59
  • Product Code: I2000R
  • Model: I-20-00-R
I-20 Plastic Gear Driven High Performance Rotor Sprinkler with Reclaimed water ID
With 22 nozzle choices, a 17’ to 46’ radius, and 6 body choices, the I-20 is an indispensable rotor. Whether you’ve got a small area, sandy soil, or a mix of shrubs and grass, the I-20 is ready to water with efficiency and reliability. Recent improvements include automatic arc return; non-reversing 360, from 50 to 360 degrees; and a non-strippable, vandal-proof drive mechanism that prevents gear stripping and saves repair costs. Adding FloStop® control, easy through-the-top arc adjustment, and a standard drain-check valve all equate to a rotor that stands second-to-none in its class.
3/4 Inch female NPT inlet
Arc setting: 50 to 360 degrees
Factory installed rubber cover
Through-the-top arc adjustment
Quick check arc mechanism
Water lubricated gear-drive
5 year limited manufacturer's warranty