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Rainbird 1800XC 1800 Series Xeri-cap

Price: $2.09
  • Product Code: 1800XC
  • Model: X20000
Rain Bird 1800CAPS Spray Head Cap for 1800 Series Sprinklers. Use this threaded cap to quickly and easily cap off pop-up spray heads when converting to Drip irrigation. No digging required to cap a Rain Bird 1800 series sprinkler; simply twist off existing cap, remove the internal mechanism and screw on the new cap. Gasketed cap provides a leak-tight seal of any unused heads on the zone. Cap designed to fit the world’s #1 selling sprinkler head: the Rain Bird 1800 Series. Rain Bird “The Intelligent Use of Water"
Simple way to cap in-ground sprinkler heads/Fits world’s most popular selling sprinkler head: Rain Bird 1800® Series/Perfect for converting a spray zone to drip irrigation