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Senninger 3/4" Wobbler Sprinkler Without Nozzle

Price: $7.90
  • Product Code: WOB00B3
  • Model: WOB00B3
The Senninger Wobbler has a unique off-center rotary-action. This design provides extremely uniform coverage over a large diameter at low pressures. Large droplet size and low operating pressures (10-35 PSI) give the Wobbler the ability to fight the wind and penetrate the foliage better than any other sprinkler. This durable sprinkler has been watering in container nurseries for 20 years. Sprays 34' diamter at 10psi with #6 gold nozzle (not included, see 3/32" Insert Nozzle).
Only one moving part for longer life

Built for strength and durability

Flow rates: 0.78 to 8.25 gpm

Low evaporative loss

3/4" Male NPT Inlet

Weight: 0.11 lbs

Material: Plastic

Warranty: Manufacturer's Warranty - 2 years