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22'-30' 90-210 Degree Rotary Nozzle

Price: $8.50
  • Product Code: MP3000HT360
  • Model: MP3000HT360
The MP3000T Rotator is a 22-30' (7.6-9.1 meter) 90-210 Degree rotary sprinkler nozzle. To achieve maximum radius reduction, pair with the Hunter Pro-Spray MPR 40. Designed to deliver an even coverage across your lawn, these rotator nozzles are adjustable to better customize your sprinkler system. A low-cost construction transfers savings directly to you as the MP series of rotary sprinkler nozzles were also designed to be a low-cost option to regular spray nozzles. The reduced flow rate of these rotator nozzles also increases water savings to as much as 30%. It is male threaded for use with Toro type sprinkler bodies.
1 year manufacturer's warranty Multi-trajectory rotating streams provide unmatched uniformity Automatic matched precipitation even after arc & radius adjustment Low application rate reduces runoff on slopes & tight soils proven Durability & Reliability Rotator Technology proven in demanding agricultural conditions since 1987
One moving part
Patented "double-pop" flushes on start-up and shut-down without increasing spray head flow-by
Superior wind resistance
Reduced misting at higher pressure
Easy arc adjustment
Easy radius adjustment- up to 25%
No need to change nozzle to maintain matched precipitation
Removable inlet filter for easy cleaning
The MP Strips, MP Corner, MP1000, MP2000 and MP3000 can be combined on the same zone