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Price: $40.70
  • Product Code: SW11457
  • Model: 85G
LCD display screen indicates voltage levels from 0.2kv to 9.9kv (200 volts to 9900 volts), Touch the short probe at the top of the meter to the charger post or wire to get a voltage reading, Keep one on hand for regular fence line maintenance, Withstands cold weather,Durable,Waterproof,Accurate, Measures voltage on any metal wire, poly wire or rope or poly tape.
digital fence tester is designed for measuring pulse voltages on the electric fences. It features Smart Power technology so that it will turn on at the detection of a pulse and turn off after about 4 seconds when no pulse is detected. This technology saves battery power and ensures that the fence tester is turned off when not in use. Lydite factory manufactures three kinds of digital fence testers for farm