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Storm Drain Plus End Outlet

Price: $6.10
  • Product Code: FSDP-EO
  • Model: FSDP-EO
The durability & high performance of the newly designed Channel Drain by Fernco is StormDrain Plus which ensures a long lasting, permanent solution for the removal of standing surface water. The easy installation is ideal for driveways, pools, patios, walkways, sports courts and more.
All products are "UV" inhibited - Grates are ADA and heel guard compliant; Grates have non-slip textured surface - 3 bottom outlets in every channel; No clips or screws required to assemble - CLASS B: Loads of 61-175 psi; The Storm Drain Plus Quad, End Cap and End Outlet just slide into the female end of the Channels; Each have tabs to fit into the male end of the Channels or the cut to length end of the Channels