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PW3108 PW3108 3x108"PIPE REPAIR KIT

Price: $64.59
  • Product Code: PW3108
  • Model: PW3108
Slick-Wrap™ is a specially formulated epoxy resin impregnated repair tape system and includes a piece of FastFix™ epoxy putty. Slickwrap™ can be used to seal leaks or cracks in virtually any type of piping system, including plastics, copper, metal, cast, galvanized, fiberglass, ductile and poly pipe. Slick-Wrap™ is an ideal repair system when conventional repairs or replacement are not feasible. Slick-Wrap™ works by creating a fiberglass/resin epoxy pipe over the host piping material, allowing for either a permanent or temporary repair at pressures up to 300PSI (with 8 wraps over the break). Slick-Wrap™ will cure under water. To guarantee the highest probability of success, we recommend following our directions closely, repairing pipe breaks can be a difficult and time-consuming task
Permanent repair for up to 2″ or 4″ Pipe/Water Activated Fiberglass Tape – Quick Drying/Complete Kit – No Tools Required/Pressure Tested to 300+ PSI/Use in Temperatures From -60 deg to 800 deg F.